Why It's Okay to be Anxious Before Your First CrossFit Class

Trying something new is scary. I totally get that. It's especially intimidating when you are a fresh-faced beginner in a brand new environment with people you've never met before. Your social anxiety might set in as you think about how all those people already know each other and have established routines, unspoken rules, and etiquette customs that are unfamiliar to you. You might think to yourself, "Do I really belong here?", "Will I make a fool of myself?", "What will others think of me?"

Those are all very real, normal and valid concerns. I promise you that everyone has experienced these same thoughts, worries and discomfort! As you embark on this journey of becoming a stronger, fitter, and healthier version of YOU, you will likely feel intimidated or hesitant when walking into the gym for your first CrossFit class. More than a few of our veteran athletes have told me that they sat in their car in the parking lot, working up the courage to walk into the gym for their very first session.

I'm here to tell you it's ok to be nervous! It's ok and completely normal to be anxious and scared before your first session. And here's why: Everyone remembers their first day; I know we will take care of you. We will show you around. You'll know where to put your things, where the bathrooms are, and where and when to meet for class. Your coach will make you feel welcome and help ease any of your worries about not knowing what to do. Your coach will give you extra attention and lead you through class so you know EXACTLY what to do. They will modify the workout to be appropriate and safe so that you leave your first class wanting more, not feeling defeated. The other members in your class will smile and talk to you and befriend you before you even know its happening.

My advice to anyone starting CrossFit is to come in with an open mind. Release any preconceived notions you have about CrossFit. Chances are, it will be completely different than you expected. CrossFit changes lives. You can change your life, but only if you take that first step through the door.

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