Thursday 7/19/18 - Higher Effort

M-1: 4 Waves:

Reverse Grip Bench Press 15-10-5 Build in weight

*Rest :60 between rep sets *Rest 1:30 between waves

*1 Wave= 15-10-5

Purpose: Increase strength in end ROM of the tricep and upper chest to help aid in overhead pressing.

Goal: Focus on building but never to point of failure.

Load: You should feel like you have 2 reps left.

M-2: 3 Rounds For Time| Higher Effort 25 Russian KB Swings 70#/53# 25 Burpee 50 Double Unders

Options: 25 Russian KB Swings 53#/35# 25 Burpee 30 DU

25 Russian KB Swings 35#/25# 15 Burpee 50 SU

Goal: Mentally push through. When this comes down to fighting the urge to stop or slow down--push through.

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