Thursday 7/12/18 - 40:00

July 12, 2018


W: 4 Rounds:

30 Bunny Hops

30 Single Unders

10 Toe Touches



M-1: Every 4:00 for 40:00
200m Run
200m Row
14/10 Cal Bike
6 Burpee


Goal: This is not a sprint. Move at a pace you feel like you could maintain all day. If you have more than :30 of rest each round, you should bring down your pace.

Load: If you are not having rest time choose other load options.



200m Run
150m Row
10/8 Cal Bike
6 Burpee


200m Run
150m Row
8/6 Cal Bike
:10 Burpees



M-2: Ring Side Plank
4 Sets:
:20 Per Side

Other Option:

Extended Arm Side Plank Forearm Side Plank