Saturday 7/7/18 - Tri

W: 500m Row

3 Rounds:

6 Perfect Push ups

12 Jumping Squats

M-1: Reverse Grip Bench Press

5 Sets: 6 Reps @ 3130 Tempo

Purpose: Build strength of the chest and triceps that transfers to overhead press and HSPU movements.

Goal: Build to a challenging weight.

M-2: 1 Mile Run

1500m Row

200 Double Unders

Goal: Find a pace you could always "give more" if needed. Not exceeding 12:00 run, 2:45 pace on row, or 4:00 on double unders. Load: Choose work load that allows you to meet the goal.


1 Mile Run

1000m Row

150 DU/300 SU

800m Run

1000m Row

150 SU

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