Tuesday 7/3/18 - Sprint Work

Tuesday July 3rd we will have a regular morning schedule, with the last class of the day being at noon.

W: 4:00 Row

2 Rounds

8 KB Push Press (R)

50ft Overhead Walk (R)

8 KB Push Press (L)

50ft OH Walk (L)

M-1: Every :90 for 7 Rounds

3 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk @60% of Split jerk

Purpose: Strengthen higher skills we have earned or build upon the strength of the foundation pressing movements.

Goal: Complete the work as prescribed or: 3 Strict Press + 3 Push Press @50-65% of Strict Press or: Build to a Heavy 3 Rep Strict Press.

M-2: 4 Rounds | Rest 1:1 Between

10 Wallballs 30#/20#

15 Toes-to-Bar

60 Double Unders

Purpose: Work on a sprint type effort. Goal: Work to recover and sustain consistent round split times. Score: Fastest Round & Slowest Round

Load: Should allow for reps to be smooth. Scale weight, number or reps, or skill accordingly.


10 Wallball 20#/14#

8 Toes-to-Bar

35 Double Unders

10 Wallball 14#/10#

15 Straight Leg Abmat Situp

60 Single Unders

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