Wednesday 6/27/18 - Tabatas

June 27, 2018


M-1: 1 Snatch EMOM for 15:00

*Start at 70% and Build

M-2: For Max Reps of Each:

Tabata DB Shoulder Press 35#/25#
Tabata Weighted Jumping Lunges
Tabata Deficit Push Ups (35#/15# Plates)
Tabata Weighted Walking Lunges
Tabata DB Push Press


L2: 25#/15#
Jumping Lunges
Push Ups
Walking Lunges

L1: 15#/10#
Walking Lunges
Modified Push Ups



Extra Credit:

12:00 for Quality
Row 1:30 @ 6
KB Flow (L)
KB Flow (R)
20 Jumping Jacks