Friday 6/1/18 - New Moves

M-1: Power Clean



Build over the first four sets to a challenging but not quite maximal weight, leaving 1 sound rep in the tank. Use 90-95% of that weight for the remaining set.

M-2: 14:00 EMOM

3 DB Power Snatch + Single Arm DB Thruster | Per side 50#/35#

25 DU

L2: 35/20 DB 25 DU/50 SU

L1: 12 Rus KB Swing 53/35 25 SU

Snatch + Thruster: Perform a dumbbell power snatch, lower the dumbbell to the shoulder, and perform a single arm thruster.

Extra Credit:

High/Low Carry



The athlete carries one dumbbell in the Farmers carry position and another overhead.

They should use a weight which challenges them but allows for unbroken and controlled sets.

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