Sunday 5/27/18 - Right Round

M-1: 4 Sets for Quality:

10 Single Arm Z Press/side

10 Landmine Meadows Rows/side

0:30-1:00 Hollow Hold/Hollow Rock


Press, Row: Moderate weight, controlled reps.

Hollow: Goal is to perform full 1:00 hollow hold. To progress to this, start with performing hollow hold for 20-30 seconds and then hollow rock the remainder of the minute, gradually increasing.

M-2: Every 4:00 | 4 Rounds

400m Run

6 HSPU 2" Def

1 Rope Climb

L2: 400m Run

Modified HSPU Modified Rope Climb


200m Run

8/8 Single Arm DB Push Press

:30 Max Rep Strict Banded Pull up/Ring Row

Extra Credit:

(1) 3x100m, building pace each set. Alternate w/partner or rest 1:1

(2) 8x200m slightly faster than mile pace/200m easy jog


100ms are just a warm-up, building up to pace for the 200s.

200s should be run slightly faster than 1-mile time trial pace (roughly 3-5% faster for those who want a specific target.) Athletes without a 1-mile time should run @ 8-9, a pace which is challenging but sustainable. The goal of this workout is to practice mile pace, NOT maximize speed on each interval.

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