Tuesday 5/15/18 - Rounds of Rowing

M-1: Front Squat @3130 Tempo 3-3-3-3-3


*Build over sets 1-4

*Set 5 @ 90% of the heaviest set.

*Goal is to work on a tough set but feel like you have left some in the tank

*No "bouncing" out of the bottom

M-2: Row 10 Rounds:

1:00 @ 7-9

1:00 Rest

Notes: *Build intensity as you go

*Rounds 1-3 should be @ 7, a pace just hard enough to get the heart rate up and dial in technique. *Rounds 4-8 should be @ 8, a challenging pace, very hard work but definitely sustainable. *Rounds 9-10 should be @ 9, just under the threshold.

*If athletes are alternating, add a 0:10 transition

Extra Credit:

Farmers Carry

4 Sets of 350ft AHAP

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