Friday 5/11/18 - Alternate With a Partner

W: 2 Sets

200m Jog

10 Elbow-to-Arm Planks

50ft Straight Arm + Straight Leg Bear Crawl

50ft Single Arm OH Carry (R)

50ft Single Arm OH Carry (L)

M-1: 15:00 EMOM

a) 5 C2B Pull Up @x131 (L2: Chin Ups L1: Ring Rows)

b) 5 Strict Ring Dips @31x1 Pace Starts at Top of Dip (L2: Negative L1: Push Up)

c) 20 Superman Extensions with Pause at Top (L2: :30 Superman Hold)

M-2: Alternate with a Partner

3 Sets of 400m Run

Extra Credit:

12:00 For Quality

1:00 Jump Rope

:10ea. Position Triplanar Pigeon

5 Russian KB Swings 55#/35#


3 KB Swings

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Weighted Russian Twists 10#/5#

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