Thursday 4/26/18 - Bring a Friend

April 26, 2018

All members are invited to Bring a Friend to any class, all day Thursday 4/26/18.


M-1: 10:00 EMOM

2 Hang Power Cleans


*Start at 80%



M-2: "The Chief" with a Partner

15:00 AMRAP

3 Power Cleans 135#/95#

6 Push Ups

9 Air Squats


*Alternate rounds with a partner


L2: Scale to a weight you can do one rep right after another on the cleans

L1: Modified Push Ups



Extra Credit:

4 Sets For Quality:

10 Half Kneeling Landmine Press/side

10 Landmine Rows/side

:30 - 1:00 Hollow Rock/Hold


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