Thursday 4/5/18 - Rowing Intervals

April 5, 2018


W: 12:00 EMOM

a) 50ft Farmer's Carry (L)

b) 5 Pulls Legs Only, 5 Pulls Legs + Body, 5 Full Pulls on Rower

c) 50ft Farmer's Carry (R)


M-1: Farmer's Carry

3 Sets of 100ft

*As Heavy As Possible, Unbroken

*Rest As Needed


M-2: Row Alternating w/ Partner

3 Sets of 250m/ea

3 Sets of 750m/ea

*Aiming for a faster pace each round

*Score is fastest time for 250m and 750m


Extra Credit:

12:00 For Quality:

50ft High Knees

50ft Butt Kicks

20 Side Lying Clams/Side

8 Ring Rows @x131