Monday 4/2/18 - Pause Squats

Box Briefs:

1. No 5:30am, 6:00am, 6:30am or kids classes today.

2. We will be doing the Dakota Games Qualifier workouts in classes this week: Tuesday is Event 3, Wednesday is Event 2, Friday is Event 1a/b. Those that are doing the Meltdown will be completing Event 1a/b during the competition!

3. Sign up for the Dakota Games Qualifier at or! This is CrossFit Fargo's featured event of the year, and we are expecting over 500 athletes from all over the region to come to Fargo this June!

4. We are looking for volunteers to help Judge the Meltdown on Saturday the 7th between 8-3pm. Comment if you can help!

5. Remember, NO CLASSES on Saturday 4/7!

M-1: 10:00 EMOM

3 Front Squats

*Start at 65% and build (If you didn't find a 1RM last week, do that today.)

*3 count pause on the first rep, right at parallel on the way down, and come up from there

*No pause on reps 2 and 3

M-2: 5 Rounds Alternating w/ Partner

15/10 Calorie Bike

10 Burpees

15/10 Calorie Bike

Extra Credit: 15:00 EMOM

a) 5 Pistols/Side

  • Rockback Pistols

  • Pistol Negatives

  • Counter Balance/To Box

b) 3 Single Arm Scapular Pull Ups + :05 Pause/Side

  • 5 Scapular Pull Ups + :05 Pause

  • 5 Scapular Pull Ups

c) 5 Wall Walks + :05 Pause

  • 5 Scapular Handstand Push Ups

  • 5 Scapular Push Ups

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