Tuesday 1/2/18 - Rules of Strength

M-1: Snatch

(1) 8:00 to find Heavy Single for the day --2:00 Transistion--

(2) 12x1 on 0:30, use 80-85% of today's single


(1) "Heavy single for the day" is not a max. Take a good heavy set and move on.

(2) The task is to make all 12 reps, not to use the heaviest weight possible. Reduce the prescribed load as necessary to ensure consistency.

M-2: Every 3:00 x 5:

9 Power Snatch, 75#/55#

3 Bar Muscle-Ups

6 Power Snatch

2 Bar Muscle-Ups

3 Power Snatch

1 Bar Muscle-Up

L2: C2B or Pull up or Jumping Bar MU (bar above shoulders)

L1: Jumping Bar MU or Jumping Pull up

Extra Credit: 1 Push Press + 2 Power Jerk + 3 Split Jerk

5x1, use 90-95% of last week’s top set

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