Fitness Through the Holidaze

The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas and on to the New Year can be a blur. As we feel rushed and overwhelmed striving for feelings of slow and sweet. And while I mentioned sweet, I might as well mention all of the Christmas goodies we welcome as a part of our diet, because…holidays. (You know, it would almost feel wrong not to try one of each. And they are always better paired with eggnog.) Moving into December, I will not tell you your fitness should be prioritized over downtime, or above celebrations. Christmastime should be savored, as you gladly give extra time to family and embrace tradition. Welcome the things that bring you comfort, joy and at the very least, make the cold more bearable—dare I say enjoyable. But, I will encourage you to consider how your fitness could sustain you physically and emotionally through this season. We are all aware of the ways CrossFit ups our energy levels and our immune systems. And also the ability CrossFit has to extend our patience and the evenness of our mood, which may or may not be a little off balance (with all of the sugar; it probably has nothing to do with being out of routine and face-to-face with the potential of challenging family dynamics). This year, let’s not cross gym time off the list too early. Here are a few tips on how to use what we know and enjoy about fitness to really be as merry as we want to be to finish out the year.

1. Plan ahead. I know, this season feels busy with Christmas shopping, travel plans, and end of the year things to be done at work. Plan your workouts into your schedule and, as best as you are able, stick to it. Choose ahead of time when, where, and how you want to workout. Decide when you want to take rest days. If you are traveling look into what your on the road options might be. It will be easier to follow through if you have a plan to drop in at another gym or have an idea for a workout you can do in your in-laws basement. If you know you will have a full week with other things, consider planning your meals ahead of time too. 2. Invite others.

Find a 5K walk or run you can do with family. Ask people you know to join for a CrossFit workout. Make up a workout to do before Christmas brunch. If your cousins are not interested, their kids might be. We all know here, the value of community in fitness. If others you know might be interested in joining for a workout around the holidays, it could make it easier to sneak away for an hour when it feels like you are being inclusive instead of skipping family game time. 3. Offer to help. When it comes to holiday meals, it can be tough to eat how you would like if you are not the one hosting. Offer to bring a favorite recipe! Or dessert. There are increasingly more and more healthy holiday options. You could be the one to bring a veggie tray if that is not something normally at your family’s table.

Above any practical tips, remember why you CrossFit. Instead of it feeling burdensome, allow your fitness to aid you in enjoying the holidays. If you need help with ideas ask your coaches or friends at the gym.

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