Friday 11/24/17 - Every 7


M-1: Snatch

1-1-1, 4x1

Notes: Build over the first three sets to a challenging but technically sound weight. Repeat heaviest weight for four more sets.

M-2: Every 7:00 x 3:

15/10 Calories Assault Bike or Row

8/6 Bar Muscle-Ups

8 Power Snatch, 125#/85#

15/10 Calories Assault Bike or Row

L2: Jumping Bar MU or Burpee Pull ups (1’ above reach), scale snatch to 70%

L1: Jumping C2B or Ring Row

Extra Credit: Run

6x800m @ 7 1:00 rest between sets

Notes: Aim for a steady, manageable heart rate. You should be able to speak in brief sentences for the duration of the workout. Walk during rest.

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