Friday 11/10/17 - Farmers

November 10, 2017


W: 8:00 @ Easy Pace:

0:15-0:30 Chest-to-Wall Handstand OR Feet-on Box Handstand Hold

50' Single Arm Farmers Carry, left

50' Single Arm Farmers Carry, right

60m Shuttle Run (5m-10m-15m)


M-1: Handstand Push-Up Development

15:00 Volume Accumulation of one of the following:


1) Strict Deficit Handstand Pushup

2) Strict Handstand Pushup

3) Handstand Negative to Headstand

4) Box L Headstand Pushup

5) Box L Headstand Pushup Negative


M-2: For Time:

400m Run

100m Dumbbell Farmers Walk 70#/55#

800m Run

100m Dumbbell Farmers Walk

400m Run


Extra Credit: 3 Sets For Quality:

20 Half Kneeling Alternating Kettlebell Press

10 Ring Rows

1:00 Front Plank

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