How Far Could You Go?

How far could you go if you pushed yourself to the max? If you knew you only had to do it for a few minutes, how much could you lift? How far could you run? If you pushed yourself not just once, but on a regular basis, how healthy could you be? If you were in the best shape for your body, how would you look?

People at CrossFit Fargo know the answer to these questions – and the results are better than they could have imagined. Here are just some of the ways CrossFit has changed the exercise industry.

Varied Workouts

When you make exercise a priority, it’s easy to fall into a rut. If you’re a runner, you might take the same route and go at about the same pace. At the gym, people often gravitate toward familiar equipment and routines. It’s always good to exercise, but if there’s no change, there’s usually no improvement.

The body is an incredible machine. When you do the same exercises using the same muscle groups, the mind learns to command the body to perform those movements at peak efficiency. That’s why most exercises are challenging at first. However, after you perform them a few times, the workouts become much easier.

CrossFit exercises are always varied to provide your body with a continual challenge. They combine strength training, plyometrics, power lifting, body weight and endurance exercise to continually challenge your muscles and engage your mind.

Fast and Intense

If you struggle finding time to work out, CrossFit might be the solution. Workouts are short but intense, with explosive exercises and little rest. Individuals work out between three and five days a

week, but most workouts only take between 5 and 30 minutes. Each class is 60 minutes and involves using a variety of muscle groups with exercise like burpees, weighted squats and sprints; these concentrated bursts incinerate calories and raise your metabolism. We begin with a whiteboard meeting to explain what to expect during the class, next is a warmup followed by some strength or skill work, and finally the good part.. the workout (or WOD for workout of the day, as Crossfitters have come to call it)!

Professionally Planned Workouts

Sometimes figuring out what you want to do at the gym can be like deciding what’s for dinner. Because it’s a decision you have to make so regularly, it gets exhausting. With CrossFit, you show up ready to work, and your coach will provide the workout. Let your mind focus on the job at hand, not which job to do.

Personalized Coaching

Personal trainers help individuals modify exercises to their fitness level and body type, providing encouragement along the way. However, they’re expensive. Large gym facilities have row after row of impressive equipment, but you’re usually on your own when it comes to working out.

At CrossFit Fargo, most workouts happen in a group of your peers. Your coach acts like a personal trainer to modify and motivate you at a rate that’s much more affordable than a personal trainer. Our trained coaches make sure you’re using the proper form and inspire you to do your best.


CrossFit is built on the idea of challenging the body so you’re ready for anything. Members see each other doing just that, and it creates a deep sense of respect. When you see someone you know struggle but refuse to quit, you begin to admire that person’s strength. When others encourage you to push past your limits and celebrate your success, friendship results.


Many people participate in organized sports when they’re in school, and the competition causes them to develop an edge. At CrossFit Fargo, the only person you’re competing against is yourself, but you know others are there cheering you on. Study after study proves working out with a group improves performance, reduces your risk for depression, and causes individuals to work longer and harder than they do on their own.

Overall Health Improvement

When you exercise every major muscle group on a regular basis, you transform your whole body. People who exercise control their body weight, have stronger muscles and bones, and have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and many types of cancer. The vigorous physical activity from CrossFit floods your body with a rush of endorphins, putting you in a great mood. Work up a sweat to flush oil, remove dirt and grime from your pores for glowing skin, and increase calorie burn that lasts all day.

Hitting Goals

Whether your goals involve losing weight, growing muscle or just improved physical fitness,

CrossFit Fargo will help you meet them. Experience the results of improved energy that come with regular, exhilarating exercise in all areas of your life. People who struggle with diabetes often find regular exercise brings their blood sugar under control. Others with high blood pressure see improvement with regular exercise. Even people with mental health issues like anxiety or depression notice positive results.

Functional Fitness

Because CrossFit workouts are always changing, they improve every part of your body. While being able to do 25 biceps curls with a heavy weight is impressive, it’s not often a requirement in actuality. CrossFit movements mimic what we need to do to survive in real life.

Lifestyle Change

When you invest in your health through CrossFit, it becomes a lifestyle change. When you know you just worked intensely at CrossFit Fargo, you’re less likely to reach for that doughnut or burger. If you’re trying to quit smoking, the stress relief from a hard workout makes it easier to get through the cravings.

CrossFit has become a worldwide sensation for a reason. It provides an intense challenge and measurable results with short workouts anyone can fit into their schedule. If you haven’t tried it already, find out why so many people say CrossFit Fargo changed their life.


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