Thursday 11/2/17 - At the Top


M-1: Push Press

5-5-5, then accumulate 15 paused reps at -15%

Notes: Build over the first three sets to a challenging but not quite maximal, leaving one good rep in the tank. Paused reps are performed at 15% less than today's heavy set of 5. Explode up, full three count pause at top, controlled eccentric.

M-2: As Far As Possible in 8:00 of:

6 Double Unders

2 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans M/45-55 F/25-35

12 Double Unders

4 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans

18 Double Unders

6 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans

24 Double Unders

8 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans


(Compare results to Week of 2/23/17)

L2: 1:1 DU and DB HPC

L1: 2:1 SU

Extra Credit:


6x800m @ 7

1:00 rest between sets

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