New Class Schedule Starts Monday 11/6

As gym owners, Jeremy and I have an interesting challenge: everyone shows up! Of course this isn't really a problem, but it has caused our morning and evening classes to be at max capacity on a regular basis. We believe we have found a way to reduce class sizes by adding more class times around the busiest hours in the evening. We hope to work on the morning classes soon. Here is what the new schedule will look like, starting Monday November 6. I have highlighted the new class times or class times that have changed. Monday-Friday 5:30am WOD 6:30am WOD 8:30am WOD 10:00am Actify (Tues, Thurs only) 12:00pm WOD 4:00pm WOD 4:00pm CrossFit Kids (Small gym, no class Fridays) 4:45pm WOD (Small gym) 5:30pm WOD 6:00pm WOD (Small gym, no class Fridays) 6:30pm WOD (no class Fridays) 7:30pm WOD (Mon, Weds, Thurs only) Saturday 8:30am WOD 10:00am WOD 2:00pm Actify Sunday 2:00pm HIT 3:00pm Open Gym As you can see, we have added a 4:45 WOD 5 days per week, and a 7:30pm WOD 3 days a week. The 6:00pm Fitness class will transition to an All-Levels WOD class. After visiting with the athletes that attended the Fitness class, the common sentiment was that this would be a positive transition. The CrossFit Kids classes will now be at 4:00pm, allowing parents to go to the 4pm WOD while their kids are in class. The Women's HIT Club class will now be on Sundays only, but we will offer a class 5 days per week around the same time HIT classes are held. After visiting with the athletes that attend the HIT class, the common response was that this would be a positive change. This new schedule is only possible because we have a gym full of athletes like you who show up every day, week after week. I am so grateful for you and your place in this community.



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