Monday 9/11/17 - Clockwork

September 11, 2017


M-1: Split Jerk 5-5-5, 2x5


Build over the first three sets to challenging but technically sound weight.

Repeat for two more sets.


M-2: 5 Rounds For Total Reps:

1:00 Double Unders

0:10 Transition

1:00 Assault Bike/Row Calories

2:00 Rest


L1: Single Unders


Extra Credit: 3 sets of one of the following:

a)Max Set Ring Muscle ups, rest as needed

b)3x3 Banded transitions + 5x2-3 Dips

c)3x3 MU transitions + Dip negative



F-1: Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5


F-2: 5 Rounds for total reps:

1:00 Box Jumps

:10 Transition

1:00 Row for Calories

1:00 Rest



W: Jog 400m

3 sets of 8:

Good morning

Back Squat

Jerk Ladder


W-1: Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk

W-2: Clean Pull 3x3 @ 75-80%