Fall Performance Series: Skill Workshops

I am excited to introduce a new series of skill workshops called the Fall Performance Series. The purpose of these workshops is to help athletes develop the technique and strength necessary for success in particular skills. You can expect to be working drills throughout the whole class, so come prepared to sweat!

Most of the workshops are limited to 10 athletes, and no prerequisites are necessary. We will break into smaller skill groups in order to give athletes the best drills and practice time for their skill level. For the most part, you can expect a 1:5 Coach/Athlete ratio.

Fall Performance Series Schedule:

Sunday 9/17 1:00pm - Ring Muscle ups $10

Practice new muscle up drills and work towards getting or perfecting your muscleups.

Sunday 10/1 1:00pm - Rowing $10

Rowing doesn't have to suck! Learn how to row properly and efficiently. We will also teach you how to use the monitor and all of it's functions.

Sunday 10/15 1:00pm - Pull ups $10

We will work on learning kipping and butterfly pull ups.

Sunday 10/22 1:00pm - Strongman $10

Strongman bags, axle bars, kegs, tires, and a few more surprises!

Sunday 11/5 1:00pm - Bar Muscle ups $10

Practive bar muscle up drills and work towards getting or improving this skill

Sunday 11/12 12:00pm - Jump n Rope Double under clinic (by Jump n Rope HQ Staff) - $59

The JumpNrope crew has traveled the world, visiting over 225 different CrossFit gyms, and has trained over 10,000 CrossFit athletes on how to be proficient with this movement. In this 2-hour seminar you will learn the fundamentals of jumping rope efficiently through the techniques, drills, and instructions that have been perfected by Molly and her crew. (Rope will be provided).

Sunday 11/12 5:00pm - Jump n Rope Double under clinic (by Jump n Rope HQ Staff) - $59

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