Thursday 8/31/17 - Counting Down

August 31, 2017

Box Briefs:

Labor Day Schedule

Monday 9/4

Classes Will Be At: 8:30am, Noon, 4:00pm, 5:30pm

No Other Classes



M-1: Back Rack Lunge

5 Sets of 10


M-2: For Time:


Box Jumps 24/20

Med Ball Sit ups


L2: 40-30-20-10

Box Jumps/Step ups

Abmat Sit ups


L1: 30-20-10

Box Jumps/Step ups

Abmat Sit ups


Extra Credit:

12:00 Volume Accumulation of one of the following, listed from highest to lowest proficiency:

1) Strict Chest-to-Bar Pullup

2) Strict Pullup

3) Pullup Negative

4) Self-Assisted Pullup (box)

5) Ring Row


F-1: Back Rack Lunge

5 Sets of 10


F-2: For Time:

120-80-40 SU

30-20-10 Sit ups (Advanced: with Plate Overhead)



W: Bike 5:00

Front Rack Mobility

2 sets:

8 Good mornings

4 Knees to Squat

8 Front Squats


W-1: Clean Pull + Clean

Build to Heavy Double

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