Monday 5/22/17 - 2017 Regional Event 1

This week coach Jessica will travel to Nashville, TN to compete in the 2017 CrossFit Regionals. There she will compete among the Top 40 Women in the Central Region. This is comprised of the Top 20 Women from the Central East (Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana) and the Top 20 Women from the North Central (North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin). In support of her and to give us an idea of what she will experience and how she will be tested this weekend, this week we will complete the Regional Events as our Main Class WODs.


M-1: 15:00 Skill Work

M-2: EVENT 1

For time, wearing a weight vest: 1,200m run Then, 12 rounds of: 4 strict handstand push-ups 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups 12 squats

Men wear a 20-lb. vest Women wear a 14-lb. vest

Time cap: 25 minutes

L2: 1,200m run

Then 12 rounds of:

4 modified strict handstand push-ups

8 pull-ups

12 squats

L1: 1,200m run

Then 12 rounds of:

4 perfect push-ups

8 jumping pull-ups

12 air squats


F-1: 15:00 Skill Work

Learn Handstands/HSPU and Pullups

F-2: 800m Run

Then 12 Rounds

4 Push Ups

8 Ring Rows

12 Air Squats



A )Bike 10min @ 6

B) 3 sets:

8 Half-kneeling Single Arm Press/Side

10 Goblet Squats, slow and controlled on way down, pause at bottom

10 Scapular Push ups

C) 4x4 Seated Box Jumps

D) Barbell Warmup

Clean Pull + Clean + Jerk

8x1 @ 80%

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