Friday 5/19/17 - "Kleppe PAC, MATrg, ATC, LAT"

Nathan Kleppe has been a member at CrossFit Fargo since April 20, 2014. Nate is a member of our JAG team of competitive athletes and coaches as a part of our Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp staff. He regularly attends 8:30am and noon classes. He has competed in, volunteered at, and been a part of countless CrossFit Fargo events including, but not limited to, Friday Night Lights, Dakota Games, Memorial Day Murph, and most recently the Fargo Meltdown. Nate has also made trips with members of our gym to compete and volunteer at other out of town events.

Nate's spirit is contagious. He seems to always show up to class prepared with a smile, a good attitude, and on special occasions footie pajamas or the appropriate costume. Nate's charismatic personality and his knowledge and experience from being an Athletic Trainer will be missed on a daily basis.

This will be Nate's last WOD with us, for now. He will be at the 8:30am class. He is moving to St. Paul where he will continue his education at Augsburg College. There he plans to complete a graduate program to receive a Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies degree.

This 28:00 AMRAP represents the 28 months of Nate's PA program. The workout is partitioned in 3 sections to represent the 3 years he has been a member at CFF. The 5 Rounds, 30 Rounds, and 17 Rounds represent the date 5/30/17 which will be his first day of school. One of Nate's favorite things to do in the gym is to share Clean & Jerk reps with a partner. The 240m Run represents the 240 miles Nate will have to drive every time he comes to visit us! :)

W: Agility Work

"Kleppe PAC, MATrg, ATC, LAT"

Complete this 28:00 AMRAP with a partner.

--Start here--

5 Rounds

20 DB Snatches 50#/35#

100 Double Unders

*Share reps with your partner

-- and then --

30 Rounds

2 Clean & Jerks 115#/75#

*Alternate after each round

-- and then --