Thursday 4/20/17 - Running Isabel


M-1: Snatch w/ Pause Below the Knee + Snatch Balance

Build in Weight (Technique focus)

M-2: For Time:

1 Mile Run

:90 Second Rest


30 Snatches for Time 135/95

Score is Total Time

--20:00 TIME CAP--

L2: 1 Mile Run

:90 Seconds Rest

30 Snatches 95#/65#

L1: 800m Run

:90 Seconds Rest

30 Snatches 75#/55#


F-1: High Hang Snatch + Low Hang Snatch

Build in Weight (Technique Focus)

F-2: For Time:

800m Run or 1000m Row

30 Burpees to target

1000/800m Row

20:00 TIME CAP

*Lower running distance if needed


Clean Pull + Power Clean

Work to heavy single, then 3x1 Power clean @ 90% of that weight, 2x2 @ 85%, 2x3 @ 80%

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