Classes for Beginners

I often get messages asking which classes are best for beginners. The great new is, CrossFit Fargo

has a TON of classes that are designed for beginners - no experience or certain level of fitness necessary! Training at CrossFit Fargo is the best way to get in shape because we teach you everything you need to know in order to be safe and get an awesome workout in. Our classes are fun, challenging and full of encouraging people. We utilize compound functional movements so that you can get the most out of your time in the gym. If you think you'd like to come try out a class, send me an email at and I will hook you up with a free trial pass.

Women's HIT (High Intensity Training) Club - 45min

This awesome women's only class focuses on simple strength training, core work and cardio. We use mostly bodyweight, kettlebells, medicine balls and dumbbells.

Sunday 2:00pm

Wednesday 4:30pm

Friday 4:30pm

OnRamp Boot Camp - 60min

This has smaller class sizes and focuses on movement mechanics and developing a broad fitness base. Most attend this class and then move onto regular CrossFit classes after a month or two. Designed for beginners.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday




Level 1 Fitness - 60min

This is our main beginner class! It follows our regular CrossFit class program, but it is scaled down.


6:00am (Wednesday Only)


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