Wednesday 3/22/2017 - Bring Extra Biceps

Coming up:

March 24: Friday Night Lights Week 5 and after-party

April 5-19: Dakota Games Online Qualifier (we will be doing these in class). Register here.

April 7-8: Fargo Meltdown - Registration closes soon. Register here.

April 20: "Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness" - Screening at West Acres Cinema. Get Tickets.


M-1: Longer Warmup

M-2: In Teams of 2 for total time from start to finish:

Round 1:

Partner A: Row 1500m

Partner B: 30 1/.75 Bodyweight Bench Press*

-Switch and Repeat-

Round 2:

Partner A: Row 1000m

Partner B: 20 1/.75 Bodyweight Bench Press

-Switch and Repeat-

Round 3:

Partner A: Row 500m

Partner B: 10 1/.75 Bodyweight Bench Press

-Switch and repeat-

*Scale to 70% of 1RM Bench Press


F-1: 3-4 sets:

8 Unilateral KB Rows/side

6 Front/side Delt Raises

10 scapular pull ups

F-2: 4 rounds for time

Run 400m

20 Push ups

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