Spotlight on Joe H: Once an Athlete, Always an Athlete

JAG: How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Joe H: Since March 2016

What was your fitness/athletic background before starting CrossFit?

I have always been involved in athletics and sports. I grew up playing any sports that was in season. I eventually concentrated on basketball. I earned a college scholarship for basketball at NDSU (97-01)

What is your day job?

I am a patrol supervisor for the Cass County Sheriff's Office

What are your hobbies/interests other than CrossFit?

I enjoy outside activities whether is be summer or winter. I also enjoy hanging out with my beautiful daughter.

How did you start CrossFit?

I jumped right into the main workouts. I had experience with a lot of the lifts and just needed some review. I liked how CrossFit had the workouts already planned for you. I never enjoyed regular gyms and would get bored very easily. Since I joined I don't think I have done the same workout once.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

I have a lot more energy and don't get nearly as winded as I use to.

Please share a memorable experience you’ve had because of CrossFit.

I have enjoyed getting to know the people there. It is also a place where I can and work out the stress that comes along with life and my profession

What are your favorite exercises and/or aspects of CrossFit?

I enjoy deadlifts. I also like the team aspect of CrossFit. Everyone wants you to succeed

Any goals we can help hold you accountable for?

I am still working on the nutritional side of getting back in shape. I have done a lot better since joining CrossFit. Maybe would like some nutritional ideas. Just a thought.

What advice can you give to people thinking about trying CrossFit?

Give it chance! Once you start don't quit. it is great full body workout that gives you results.

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