Featuring Mike L: WOOOO 8:30!

JAG: How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Mike L: I have been doing Crossfit for just over 3 years unless you watch my squat snatches, then you’d think 3 months.

What was your fitness/athletic background before starting CrossFit?

Prior to CrossFit I was a glorified high school athlete and ran half marathons for 10 years.

What is your day job?

I am a Territory Sales Rep for Dental products and Equipment

What are your hobbies/interests other than CrossFit?

Anyone that knows Lisa (my wife) and I know that our world revolves around our two kids, Hunter and Madison. We enjoy traveling to their activities and watching them grow up.

How did you start CrossFit?

I signed up for Virtuosity because I watched the CrossFit games once on tv and knew that doing workouts like that would be a perfect challenge for me. Plus, both my kids were starting to run faster than me so I knew it was time to quit running.

What was it like?

Virtuousity was a great experience for me. It taught me how to do movements correctly that I had been doing wrong for so many years. I also learned that Jeremy is a bad ass coach and Jess always knew when I was trying to fool myself (too much weight) or trying to fool her (not enough weight).

I continued to do CrossFit training because I wanted to meet the guy who goes only by B and always had RX by his name. Ends up I had already met him at parent teacher conferences. In all seriousness though, I continued with it because it challenges my mind and body every day.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

CrossFitters are their own fraternity, not by purpose or exclusivity, but rather by respect and inclusiveness. These characteristics have allowed me to make so many great new friends, not only in Fargo-Moorhead but in all the towns I work because all the boxes are so gracious when welcoming visitors. Like I tell Lisa, being a member of CrossFit Fargo has tripled my Facebook, Instagram (mikelucas04) and Twitter (@fargoluke) followers, and that’s critical when trying to top 100 likes on a new PR post. I also have gained renewed disciplines for nutrition and mobility through CrossFit, these disciplines have helped me to reach my goals in both weight and strength. CrossFit has also allowed me to compete with/against my kids which makes for great conversation and taunting at the dinner table.

Please share a memorable experience you’ve had because of CrossFit.

Those of you who know me probably also know I am a card carrying member of the 8:30 class. My fellow 8:30ers are always creating experiences for me that will last forever. Whether it be breaking out in dance in the middle of a WOD, crashing an all girls Christmas party to sing Christmas Carols or imitating Mike Neustal maxing on deadlifts with my good friend Captain Trent, the fun never ends.

What are your favorite exercises and/or aspects of CrossFit?

My favorite exercises are any that don’t involve a full squat while holding a bar over my head or launching a 20lb ball to a 10’ line on the wall. My favorite aspects of CrossFit are that it is very good at exposing my strengths as well as my weaknesses. No matter which one gets exposed the fun part is that there is always room to improve which is very motivational. Another favorite aspect goes beyond CrossFit and is more directly related to CrossFit Fargo. The people of CrossFit Fargo are what keep me coming. I could do a lot of these workouts at home or on my own but it would never be the same. The culture starts with Jessica and Jeremy and filters all the way down to the members.

Any goals we can help hold you accountable for?

I have one goal and one goal only for 2017. I would really appreciate everyone’s help in reaching this goal. My 2017 goal is to get Mike Neustel back to the box.

What advice can you give to people thinking about trying CrossFit?

The advice I give to people thinking about trying CrossFit is to understand how it will work for them specifically. The way it works for me can be totally different than how it works for someone else…BUT IT WORKS!!

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