Recipe of the Season - Healthy, Happy, Holiday

If I am going to make a recipe more than once it has to meet these two requirements:

  1. It has to be simple! My husband and I do not have a dishwasher and in that regard, some recipes can be more work than they are worth. Along with that, if I am being honest, I don't really enjoy cooking, but I do really enjoy eating! For me, any amount of time I spend prepping or cleaning in the kitchen is really only a means to fulfill my hobby of eating. And the enjoyment I get out of sharing that with others.

  2. It has to taste GOOD. I don't just mean kind of good. I mean, I actually want to make this more than once GOOD! (Refer to #1.) I sincerely enjoy eating good food. I appreciate its quality and flavor, sometimes even its appearance, but not that without the first two.

Below is my recommendation for a Holiday Stuffing. I have a few tips for this recipe. Firstly, if there is anything in this recipe you don't like, leave it out. Not a fan of mushrooms? Don't use them. We modify things everyday in the gym, do not be afraid to do it in the kitchen. My family does not like the flavor of the White Wine Vinegar in this, we use Chick Broth there instead (I recommend this change). Lastly, this can easily made in advance, kept in the fridge, and put into a crock pot on low/warm to be heated to eat! Reasons I recommend this recipe? It is delicious. And, let's be real here, holidays are typically loaded with desserts and goodies. For me it feels worth it to leave the bread out of my stuffing (subbing with the vegetable and fruit variety in this recipe) and eat an extra slice of pie! P.S. When looking for dried cranberries, read labels! They are hard to find without added sugar.

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