13 Reasons Why CrossFit Fargo Boot Camp is the Best

Boot Camp at CrossFit Fargo is a life changing experience. Spend 6 weeks learning, getting in shape, and building strength and confidence. Get details and sign up for the next session here!

1. We start out "Basic" and ramp up throughout the 6 weeks.

2. You learn how to measure your results without relying on the scale.

3. Our gym has no mirrors.

4. The coaches make your experience and success their priority in everything they do.

5. You'll make new friends that are working towards the same goals.

6. Learning how to lift weights will help you trim down and get toned while strengthening your joints.

7. You can pick your workout time: 6:00am or 7:30pm.

8. Bonus Saturday and Sunday classes and buddy days.

9. Bonus "Homework".

10. We help you follow a wholesome diet and nutrition plan.

11. And we have an in-house Registered Dietitian who can work with you one-on-one if you want even more help. and help with diet and nutrition.

12. It's fun. We laugh, learn and get in shape along the way.

13. After your 6 week Boot Camp is over, you'll have jump started your lifelong commitment to fitness.

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