Coming Soon: More Gym Space and Platforms

It is our mission to bring greater health and fitness to all who seek it through a commitment to form, function, and the pursuit of excellence. - CrossFit Fargo Mission Statement

Jessica and I are excited to finally announce that we will be beginning demolition of the south office space and EXPANDING!!! This expansion will give CrossFit Fargo and our trainers more space to better serve you and to the strive for the pursuit of excellence.

Highlights of the expansion of south gym:

  • Additional floor space in the Gym Area

  • Rig will double to 6 squat racks

  • Rig will have 12' sections that will allow for 3 muscle up stations

  • Oly Platforms will be expanded to handle up to 6 lifters at a time

  • Dedicated spot for Reverse Hyper and GHD

  • Dedicated spot for Assault Bikes

Starting on Friday November 4th, the barbell gym and offices will be closed off to Members and Staff while we begin demolition of the ceilings and walls. The doors to the offices and barbell gym will be locked to restrict access to the construction area.

The project will be completed in two phases.

Phase 1 will be removing the office walls and building the new platforms. This is expected to be complete by Nov. 16th.

Phase 2 will be removing the large wall between the gyms and setting up the rig. This is expected to be completed by November 27th.

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