Fargo Barbell Week of 10/3/2016

Announcement: It is now required that students reserve Fargo Barbell classes in Zen Planner by 3pm the day of class. Follow this link to reserve your class. If no one is signed up for the class, there won't be a coach.

Please email jessica@crossfitfargo.com or text 701-219-5036 if you need help logging in!

Monday 10/3/2016 (Class with Coach Thuy at 6:30pm)

Low Hang Clean + Clean

Begin by deadlifting the bar up to the waist. THEN go to the low hang position below the knee. Focus on Chest up, shoulders over the bar as long as possible, push with the legs, and finish the pull.

Build to heavy set, then 3 down sets

Split Jerk

2RM, 4x1 @ 2RM weight

3 Position Clean Liftoff

Low, Mid, High

4x2 @ 80-85% of Clean

Tuesday 10/4/2016

Power Snatch Double

No touch and go.

Focus on driving through the heels as LONG AS POSSIBLE, big shrug, and then receiving in the heels.

Build to heavy set, then 3 down sets at a slightly lower weight.

Back Squat wave loading

5 @ 7 RPE

5 @ 8

5 @ 9

6 @ 7

6 @ 8

6 @ 9

Bent over barbell rows

4x12 at light-moderate weight

Hip extensions on GHD


Hold barbell on back if these are easy

Wednesday 10/5/2016

Clean + Jerk


Clean: Focus on driving through heels as long as possible, long pull, keep bar close the whole way, and receive in heels.

Jerk: This should be a split jerk. Focus on dipping straight down and keeping chest up. Relax the hands, be a whip.

Snatch Grip Push Press (Behind the Neck)

Focus on fast and strong lockout, bar should travel back slightly. Emphasize the shoulder extension backwards.

5 @ 55% (of snatch)

5 @ 65%

3x5 @ 70%

Thursday 10/6/2016 (Class with Coach Thuy at 6:30pm)

Mid Liftoff + High liftoff + Snatch

No touch and go. Focus on chin up, chest up, strong back and shoulders, drive the lift with legs, shoulders should still be over the bar.

2 @ 65%

2 @ 70%

2x1 @ 75%

4x1 @ 80%

Pause Front Squat

Full 3 count pause right above the absolute bottom (therefore don't bottom out and sit there!)

5 @ 65%

5 @ 70%

3x5 @ 75%

Snatch Pull

Shoulders should stay in front of the bar for high liftoff, only going above bar during the extension in the pull!

2 @ 75%

2 @ 80%

3x2 @ 85%

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