Sunday 10/2/16 Team RWB "Combat Outpost Keating"

The Battle of Kamdesh took place during the war in Afghanistan. It occurred on October 3, 2009, when a force of 300 Taliban assaulted the American Combat Outpost ("COP") Keating near the town of Kamdesh of Nuristan province in eastern Afghanistan. The attack was the bloodiest battle for US forces since the Battle of Wanat in July 2008, which occurred 20 miles (32 km) away from Kamdesh. The attack on COP Keating resulted in 8 Americans killed and 27 wounded. The Taliban launched the attack at 0600 and the battle lasted until 1900.

The US soldiers killed in the battle were:

Justin T. Gallegos (Tucson, Arizona),

Christopher Griffin (Kincheloe, Michigan)

Kevin C. Thomson (Reno, Nevada)

Michael P. Scusa (Villas, New Jersey)

Vernon W. Martin (Savannah, Georgia)

Stephan L. Mace (Lovettsville, Virginia)

Joshua J. Kirk (South Portland, Maine)

Joshua M. Hardt (Applegate, California)


Front Squats (95/65)


Each Round Begins with a Run 400m

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