Monday 9/12/16 - Very Low Hang


M-1: Low Hang Clean

3-3-3, 3x3

Notes: • The low hang clean is performed from well below the knee, as close as the athlete can get to the floor without touching.

• Build over the first three sets. The weight used on the third set should be repeated for the remaining three sets. Use a weight which is challenging but manageable with good mechanics.

M-2: For Time:

9-6-3 Muscle Up

Alternate w/

3-6-9 Hang Squat Clean, 205#/145#

9-6-3 MU → 6,3,1 or 3,2,1 → 9 Ring Rows + 9 Box Dips, 6+6, 3+3


F-1: Snatch + Hang Snatch

F-2: 5 Rounds:

30 Calorie Row

15 Push Press

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