August Check-in Challenge

A fitness program is only as good as its ability to create positive and desirable results, and it must provide a way to measure these results. One of the characteristics of CrossFit is that each time you workout, you end up with quantifiable data on your workout session and progress. CrossFit Fargo makes it easy to keep track of your results by offering online workout tracking through Zen Planner, which is now also available as an app on your mobile device.

Not only does recording your results after each workout help you gauge your progress, it also helps you select the correct weights for strength workouts, pick a pace for endurance WODs, and set goal times for benchmarks like Annie and Fran. We use Zen Planner workout tracking to make sure our program is working the way we intend, as well as plan future program cycles.

During the month of August, we are running a Check-in Challenge!

Here are the rules:

1. Each athlete must check in for class and record their results through Zen Planner for the entry to be valid

2. Each reservation for class that is fulfilled with attendance and recorded resuults = 1 bonus entry

3. Check-in Challenge is available to all Main WOD and Level 1 Fitness class students

4. A live drawing will be held on Sept. 1st to determine one male winner and one female winner of a pair of Nano 6.0 shoes.

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