*New* Weightlifting Class begins Mon 7/25

The Fargo Barbell Club has seen tremendous growth and progress over the last year, with special

thanks to Coach Brian Reisenauer. Coach Brian will be moving to Arizona next week to pursue his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is a great coach and has a way with words that none of his athletes will forget :D

While we will miss having Coach Brian in the gym and on the platform everyday, we are taking this opportunity for change to add more value to CFF programs and classes for our members. Here is the direction Fargo Barbell is headed:

1. Coach Brian will be continuing his programming for Fargo Barbell. This will be a 4 days a week program program designed for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It will be posted on Sundays for your convenience.

2. We are adding a dedicated structured weightlifting class open to all members.

-This will be a 90min class offered Mondays and Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm.

-The class will follow the work Brian programs for Mondays (Snatch + Drills and Strength work) and Thursdays (Clean & Jerk + Drills and Strength work).

-Athletes should arrive to class ready to work (do a general warm up on your own before class).

-Coach Thuy (USAW-L2SP/Advanced Sports Performance Coach) will instruct the class and tailor work to your specific needs!

-We are requiring that you reserve class in Zen Planner, we will limit class size to 10. Please text 701-219-5036 if you have trouble reserving your class.

-We will consider increasing to 4 classes per week if demand is there.

3. Athletes are free to use the weightlifting gym on their own anytime the gym is open, while observing the following rules:

*Sign in on sheet provided by the door

*Be Safe

*Don't max out squats or bench without a spotter present

*Leave the gym cleaner than you found it!

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