Friday 7/8/16 - "No MU & No Ring Dips"

Today we will have a special send off WOD for the Gregg family. Alesha Gregg has been a member of CrossFit Fargo since August 18, 2013. She joined in our first months as a gym at our 40th Ave location and very quickly became a dedicated "5:30 AM-er." Her husband Andrew joined with a start date of September 28, 2014. Over the past 3 years they have spent holidays with us inside and outside of the gym, participated in Friday Night Lights, Memorial Day Murphs, Christmas & Birthday Parties. They have experienced with us moves, highs, and growing pains. They have shared with us losses in their family and invited us to celebrate with them in the birth of their daughter Annabelle Lynne Gregg on November 1, 2016. Today will be their last workout with us. The three of them have been wonderful additions to our community at CrossFit Fargo. Their move will be deeply felt and they will be greatly missed.

Alesha, Andrew, and Annabelle will continue their adventure together in central Illinois.


M-1: Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

3 Sets of 1 Working Sets

3 Sets of 1 at Consistent Heavy Weight

M-2: With a Partner:

18:00 AMRAP

53 Wall Balls

14 Cleans 145#/100# 8 Rope Climbs

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