6/20/16 Week 10 Day 1 - Fargo Barbell

Alright Everyone. We are only weeks away from the competition at Crossfit 701. It is time to prepare and get ready. As you may have noticed last week we have started working less volume and higher numbers to get us ready. This is going to continue in this cycle and then we will taper to hit our big numbers at the competition.

  • Snatch - 1RM; 90%x1, 95%x1, 90%x1

  • Clean & Jerk - 1RM; 90%x1, 95%x1, 90%x1

  • Front Squat - 1RM; 90%x1, 95%x1, 90%x1

  • Snatch Pull - 120% 4 x 2

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