Week 6 Day 1- Fargo Barbell

Alright Everybody the down week has ended. Everybody should be nice and recovered and ready to get back to work. If you still have some residual aches and pains be sure to take time to get your recovery in and mobilize before and after your workouts. This can simply be 20 minutes before and after a workout. If you need exercises or suggestions for recovery at home let me know and I can help you out. Today's workout is going to ease you back into working. Not too difficult or heavy, but a little bump from last week.

Jerk - 70% 2 x 3, 75% 3 x 3

Push Press - 80% 3 x 4, 85% x 3

Snatch High-Pull - 75% (of snatch) 4 x 5

Optional "WOD"

5 rounds; no rest: 90 sec jump rope 12 KB snatch/arm

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