Strength Drives Everything

May 20, 2016


I know many of you have heard stress over and over that technique is the key to lifting bigger weight in the olympic lifts. This is still true and I am not deviating from that. I have seen monster strong men miss a snatch at 155 and little 48kg women snatch over 200 pounds. Yes, over 200. Yang Lian, look her up. This is all true, but what drives that technique? What makes that technique and precision possible? Strength.


Strength is the factor the limits our technique, effort, intensity, and our possibilities. If you have the best technique in the world, but only squat 150, guess what, you will only lift 150. On the other side, if you squat 500, but your strength in certain positions like your front rack, overhead position, squat position, back position, are not strong, then your 500 pound squat means nothing.


The key to olympic weightlifting is creating strength not only in general like in squats, but also in the positions the you so seemingly pass through during the snatch, clean, and jerk. Who reading this hates pauses during lifts? I know I hate these with a passion. When i get programmed to do pause anything I already know I'm not going to have a fun day. They wear you out quickly, light weight somehow becomes the heaviest thing in the world and its no fun. On the flip side, these lifts might be the best thing for amateur or experienced lifters. These create strength in positions. Pausing at the knee ,mid thigh, at the bottom of a squat, or other areas in different movements, isolates that particular muscle group and quickly strength