Fargo Barbell Week 5 Day 4- 5/19/2016

May 19, 2016


Great News, the workouts for Fargo Barbell will be posted here from now on. This will make everything a lot easier for everyone I think. The Facebook group can still be used for more social and fun purposes. Post videos, pictures, and fun stuff like that, and we have also created a Facebook page for the Fargo barbell as well. I will add people shortly for that.


Today's workout is a continuation of our down week to get us ready for the next part of this cycle. It's supposed to be a lighter day so don't mess with it and add weight cause it's too easy.


2-position snatch (Floor, knee) - 70% 5 x 2

Snatch Pull - 86% 5 x 3

Snatch Push Press - 71% 5 x 4

Back Squat 75% 5 x 3