Monday 4/25/16 - Pause Below Knee & Catch Over Head


M-1: Pause Snatch 3-3-3, 3x3


Pause directly below knee for two seconds, then finish the lift without allowing the bar to drift downward from that position. Use the first three sets to build to a working weight, and perform that weight for the remaining three sets. Use a weight which is challenging but manageable.

M-2: 5 Rounds For Time:

4 Kettlebell Clean & Jerk, Left Arm

4 Kettlebell Clean & Jerk, Right Arm

8 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

8 Ring Dips

C2B → Pull Ups → Jumping C2B

Ring Dips → Ring Push Ups → Perfect Push Ups


F-1: Back Squat


F-2: For Time w/ Partner:

400m Run

120 Lunges

100 Sit Ups

80 Wall Balls

60 Calories

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