ACP Week of 4/25/16

Monday 4/25/16

Row or Bike 5 minutes @ 6 10 sets: 60 seconds @ 10 60 seconds @ 6 5 minutes @ 6

Tuesday 4/26/16

4 sets, alternating: a) 8 Half Kneeling Press + 30 second Half Kneeling Hold, left b) 8 Half Kneeling Press + 30 second Half Kneeling hold, right Notes Half Kneeling Press: Half Kneeling Hold: During the half kneeling hold, use the front rack variation, not the bottoms up variation. Focus on deep breaths which expand the ribcage and diaphragm 360 degrees, breathing all the way into the stomach, lower back, chest, and upper back.

Wednesday 4/27/16

4 sets, alternating: a) 8-12 Supinated Grip Barbell Rows b) 8-12 Strict Toes-to-Bar Notes Row: Every rep from floor, row bar towards hip as it comes up. Toes-to-Bar: Count each rep at the bottom, upon returning to the hollow hang. Scale to strict hanging leg raise if necessary.

Friday 4/29/16

Spend 15:00 Working on Free Standing Handstands

Saturday 4/30/16

12 Minutes Volume Accumulation: 5 Wall Walks 5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pullups 10 Superman Extensions w/pause @ top SCALING GUIDE Wall Walk: Athlete must be able to control movement and maintain hollow all the way from bottom-to-bottom. The rep begins in the pushup position and ends when the athlete has walked as close to the wall as possible, and then walked back down. Scale by reducing reps and/or by keeping the athlete from going closer to the wall than they can with good form. Pullups: Maintain hollow position throughout range of motion, do not arch the back to get up. Count each rep upon returning to the hollow hang at the bottom, not when the chest touches the bar at the top. If the athlete is capable of more than ten perfect chin-ups in this style, they should pause for one second at the top of each rep, with the chest in contact with the bar. I recommend scaling with a partner assist at the lats or under the feet, rather than with a band.


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