Friday 4/15/16 - Dakota Games Qualifier

April 15, 2016



BOX BRIEFS: Today we will perform Week 1 of the Dakota Games Qualifier as the MAIN WOD. You do not have to be competing in the Dakota Games to come for classes. If you are not signed up yet for the Dakota Games you can register at Scores for this week need to be submitted by Sunday (4/17 7pm CST). 



W: 400m Jog/500m Row
10 Toe Touches (Each Direction)

10 Wall Facing Squats w/ Hands to the Floor

10 4-Point Squats


M-1: Week 1 Workout 1a:

*All Divisions*
Establish a 3RM Front Squat

From the Ground


M-2: Workout 1b:

Open/Masters 40+ Divisions

AMRAP 9:00

10 Cal Row

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20"


*Tiebreak after Box Jump Overs


Masters 50+ Divisions

AMRAP 9:00

10 Cal Row

10 Step Ups 24/20"

10 Push Presses 95/65#

*Tiebreak after Step ups


Scaled Divisions

AMRAP 9:00

10 Cal Row

10 Step ups 24/20"

10 Hand Release Push Ups

*Tiebreak after Step ups


Workout Rules and Standards:

The clock must be set to count UP to 9:00. There is a tiebreak after the last full set of 10 box jump overs or step ups completed. 




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