23.5 Reasons to Train Today

1. Tired? You’ll have more energy once you get started, and even more when you finish.

2. Weary of the time it will take? The time will pass anyways. Might as well spend it getting stronger.

3. Trick yourself by saying, “I’ll just go in for a really light workout.” 9 times out of 10, you’ll remember how much you enjoy to sweat and push yourself much harder than you had planned.

4. Depressed? Exercise triggers the mood-boosting neurotransmitters called endorphins to kick in. Instant (and natural) way to feel good about life.

5. Give anxiety a break. Refocus your attention from your daily problems to the workout itself. You can gain a fresh perspective on even the most overwhelming concerns in your life by taking an exercise break. And when you return to the problems, you approach them with renewed energy and maybe even some fresh solutions.

6. No convenient time or place to work out? An hour at the gym, or even just jumping rope in your garage, is certainly more convenient than the complications brought on by inactivity and obesity.

7. Set an example for your children on the importance of following through. No excuses.

8. Add some challenge and excitement to your day. Go ahead, do it!

9. Exercise makes you look and feel younger.

10. Why let the kids have all the fun?

11. Does your son (or daughter) beat you at arm wrestling contests? Enough said… get to the gym.

12. No one ever achieved a goal by thinking about it. You must act.

13. You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start.

14. Every baby step forward is progress. View progress as success. Success is awesome. You are awesome.

15. Something I drill home for our athletes at CrossFit Fargo: Hard work + Consistency = Results.

It’s a simple formula, and you must follow it in order for it to work.

16. If you don’t, your future self will be upset with you.

17. Throwing weights around is a great way to blow off steam.

18. You are responsible for your own body. No one else can exercise it for you.

19. Sick of your current routine? Try something new. Take a group class, drop in at a different gym, trade iPods with a buddy and change up your music, go swimming (check out the MSUM pool schedule – $3), drive to a new running path, ANYTHING! As an owner of a gym, I am here more hours than I am at home. Sometimes I will buy a day pass at a different gym just to get out of my element a bit.

20. Your lifting buddies miss you. No lifting buddies? Come to CrossFit Fargo.

21. Training makes you better than you were yesterday.

22. Not training is like saying “screw you” to your body and your life.

23. Think of it as “training for __________,” not “working out.” People with intrinsic motivation fare much better when building good habits versus those motivated externally. You fill in the blank with your passion. Train for fun, train for excitement, train for challenge, train for the thrill of competition, train for co-ed volleyball, train for keeping up with the kids, train for life.

23.5. You never know, you might really love it!

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