ACP Week of 4/11/16

Monday 4/11/16

16 Minutes Volume Accumulation: 10-15 Second Chest-to-Wall Handstand 5 Strict Ring Rows w/pause @ top 5 Strict Toes-to-Bar

Tuesday 4/12/16

3 Sets, alternating between exercises: a) 8 Landmine Rows/side b) 30 seconds/side Half Kneeling Bottoms-Up Hold c) 10-15 Rear Delt Flyes

Wednesday 4/13/16

3 Sets, alternating between exercises: a) 8 Single Leg RDL @ 31X1 Tempo/side b) 10-15 Dumbbell Biceps Curll c) 40-50 Triceps Pushdowns w/light band Notes This is an accessory circuit designed to promote general health and address some ranges of motion and movements which are often left undeveloped. PERFECT form is mandatory! Do not sacrifice position or control for more weight. Single Leg RDL: 31X1 = Three second eccentric, one second pause, accelerate up as normal, pause at the top for one second before beginning the next rep. If the athlete cannot perform this with great mechanics, they should work on the progression in this video: Dumbbell Curl & Band Pushdown: Light weight, controlled eccentric. This is meant to get blood flowing to your elbows. Don't push it. Aim to keep the traps relaxed and scapulas down.

Friday 4/15/16 Triceps Pushdowns w/band 3x40-50

Saturday 4/16/16

Row, Run, Bike, or Swim 50 minutes @ easy pace TARGET INTENSITY: 6

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