Friday Night Lights Guidelines

Are you ready....The Teams have been Drafted, The Themes Selected.. Now all we need is the WORKOUT!

In less than 24 hours, 16.1 will be annouced and Week 1 of Friday Night Lights will be full STEAM AHEAD!!! To get you ready for the event I have put together a few guidelines for your preparation.

The Challenges

The Week #1 Challenge was announced on Monday: Accumulate 5:00 Min of Double Unders or a total of 100 DU's EACH Day. For completing the Challenge Every Day of the week prior to the workout, you will receive 1 point for your Team.

If you miss one day, you will be deducted .5. If you miss two days, 0 points will be awarded.

You will need to declare this to your judge when you compete. If you miss the workout, you can still tell your Team Capitian before Friday.

Challeneges will be annouced every Sunday evening with the Class WOD.

Heat Assignments

The Heat Assignments will be formatted after the Workout is annnounced on Thursday evening. They will be posted on Facebook and emailed out by 1 PM on Friday.

You need to check in with your Captain before Wednesday Evening Each Week to let them know if you will be on the roster for Friday Night. We will make some accomodations for those who need to be in and early heat or won't be there to later on. These will need to be communicated to the FNL Commissioner before Wednesday evening.

Also let your Team Captain know whether you are able to judge as well. If you took the Judges Course for your extra bonus points as well!

"The Show" Friday Night Lights

We will be starting the briefing promptly at 6:00 PM with the First Heat beginning at 6:30 PM.

Depending upon the workout, we will be giving 3-5 minutes in between heats for re-settng the equipment and orgainzing judges.

Our aim is to keep on time with the Heats, so please make sure you know when you are judging and when you are competing. We will give you as much warm up time as possible if you judging and early heat to warm up.

Once you have competed, stick around.. judge a few heats.. have a cold one... but most of all make sure you stick around! At the end of the night we will be crowning the Team Spirit Award for an extra 10 Bonus points.

Remember, you will receive 1 point for your Team if you show up on Friday Night and perform the workout. If you aren't able to attend, you can still do the workout to get the Top Five Performance Points for the week!

Most of All... Have Fun and Enjoy the Experience!


If you can't make Friday Night, you will be responsible for finding a judge to score your workout.

The best time to make-up the workout will be Sunday during Open Gym 3-5 PM. Please be considerate of all Coaches and their time and ask fellow athletes to judge.

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