ACP Week of 2/22/16

WEEKLY ACCUMULATION: 20-25 Muscle-Ups 35-45 Handstand Pushups 35-45 Chest-to-Bar Pullups 35-45 Toes-to-Bar Notes This portion of the extra work should be completed over the course of the week. All work should be submaximal and be completed with perfect form, adhering to Open standards. This work is in addition to any instances of these movements which come up in workouts.

Monday 2/22/16

Snatch Low Liftoff + Snatch

70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1, 85%x1x3

3 Rounds, Each For Time:

10 Snatch 135#/95#

Calorie Row 30/25

Rest While Partner(s) Work

Front Squat 4RM, then 90%x4x3 Tuesday 2/23/16

Back Squat 4RM, then 3 Down Sets of 4

1/2 "Cindy"

AMRAP in 10:00 of:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats

Row 6x500m Work:Rest 1:2 Push the pace hard.

Wednesday 2/24/16 Split Jerk Heavy 2 Rep 3 Down Sets of 2

As Far As Possible in 10:00 of:

4 Russian Kettlebell Swings 55/35

4 Burpees

8 Double Unders

8 Russian Kettlebell Swings

8 Burpees

16 Double Unders

12 Russian Kettlebell Swings

12 Burpees

24 Double Unders


Drop Snatch 3-3-3, 3x3 Add 5-10lbs to each set from drop snatches two weeks ago.

Thursday 2/25/16

30:00 Mobility